• The CCP has launched the CCS Browser to help the public learn more about CO2 capture and storage
  • The main focus of the CCS Browser is on storage, with detailed animations used to explain areas such as geological trapping
  • Available on tablet, PC and mobile, the CCS Browser allows people to explore in the way best suited to them
  • Digital In Depth tool now available - CO2 Capture Project Phase Three

The CO2 Capture Project (CCP) is a partnership of several major energy companies working together to advance the technologies that will underpin the deployment of industrial-scale CO2 capture and storage (CCS).


CO2 Capture and storage has been at the heart of the CO2 Capture Project (CCP) since its formation in 2000. The CCP has undertaken more than 150 projects to increase the science, economics and engineering applications of CO2 capture and storage. The group has been working closely with government organizations - including the US Department of Energy, the European Commission and more than 60 academic bodies and global research institutes.

The CCP has completed the second of three phases and has now embarked upon the third phase of its crucial work to develop and test next generation CCS technologies. The insights of this work are critical in helping to reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions associated with ongoing use of fossil fuels. Find out more...

CCP 2012 Annual Report

The CCP 2012 Annual Report is now available online. It has been an important year in the history of the CCP as its third phase reaches completion. The CCP delivered its first major CO2 capture demonstration, in an oil refinery environment, while a number of important storage monitoring field trials have been completed. The Annual Report has a summary of the status of the CCP's projects and demonstrations across its four teams – Capture, Storage, P&I and Communications.


Learn more about CO2 capture and storage by visiting www.ccsbrowser.com


CCP Contingencies Program factsheet now available.


Report charting the progress of the CCP in 2012.

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